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norance is fuch, that they fee nothing moral from their infancy, but whoring, and scenes of the vileft debauchery;-they are taught it at their plays-they are taught it by their masters and overfeers, as I have faid before.

You probably will fay, I confute myselfthat how can I speak fo inconsistent as to endeavour to put blacks upon a footing with whites? In anfwer thereto, I fay, that if the most virtuous woman now in England had been tutored like blacks, a flave in like manner, the would be as lafcivious and as common as any; and again, I fay, if blacks were tutored from their infancy in England, they would be as virtuous as white women.

Therefore, know, that their connections, like all jilting whores, with men, is only to fatisfy their luft, and to benefit by them. It is a very mistaken notion that leads men aftray; all denominations of adventurers, as I have faid before, thinking to make fortunes in a few years, and to return and marry, and live contented and happy in their native countries, take blacks or mungrels into keeping, as neceffary evils; nay, fome purchafe their companions, naked and piping hot as they are imported from Guinea, thinking that it won't be any difficulty to part with them at pleasure and fuch I have known to be indulged in the filken pavilions of ease and luxuriousness; "clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared fumptuously every day," whilft their relations.


and fhip-mates, hungry. and naked, groaned out their wretched days, fubject on all occafions to the rod, from the iron hand of ftern oppreffion and restlefs cruelty. thinking to augment their

Those mighty men, ftores, remain year after year, till at laft they get naturalized to the country, and fond of their spurious progeny; dear little faffron pledges of their youthful fport! After many years induftrious toil, careJefs of their poor relations and friends, they bequeath all their estates or properties to them.

As foon as the breath is out of a white man, his favourite black or mongrel wench, affifted by her female friends, who are always ready and expert on fuch occafions, will, if not prevented. by fome fenfible fharp white person, plunder. and make away with as much of the moveable property of the deceased as poffible: fuch as cash, furniture, apparel &c. &c.

Be careful of all keys committed to your care, fo that you do not loofe or lay them carelessly out of your hands, least the negroes get them, and plunder the ftores at night: poor creatures, they are fo ftinted that it is almost impoffible to avoid thieving; fhould you loose or mislay a key, though you are blamed, get a new lock immediately put on; or fhould you mifs any articles which have been taken clandeftinely out of the ftore, if you enquire privately you may for a small bribe have the thief detected. Upon the whole, never be fevere to your black fellow

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creatures; confider them human beings, and treat them as fuch: probably, if you or I fell into the hands of the Algerines, we would be as liable to all the galling fmarts of flavery as they are always act in a fteady medium towards them; never tell them a lie, nor exact any thing unreasonable from them; and be attentive to fee that all your directions are faithfully and punctually executed.

When negroes fall into the hands of charitable indulgent mafters who refide on their own eftates (which feldom happens), who will fee juftice done to them on all occafions, to prevent their overfeers and their remorfelefs deputies from cruel ufurpation; who will feed and clothe them generously, and when fick, nourish and indulge them until they get well; in fuch cafe they love and revere their mafters, and cheerfully and gladly exert themselves on all occafions.

They bury each other promifcuously in the fields, and their near and dear relations at the back of their huts, and fometimes under their beds; they are extremely fuperftitious, and firmly believe that the ghofts of their dead haunt the plantations for a long time after their death: fo pofitive are they in this belief that they often, when carrying a corpfe to the grave, though perhaps not fifty yards, lay it down feveral times on the way, thinking that fome evil pirit has put a wonderful weight into it, too

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heavy to be carried by men; fo that they fometimes take a whole night to carry and inter a corpfe, ftraining themfelves, feemingly, as much as a few failors at heaving up a best bower.

One thing more: I particularly recommend you to be guarded against contracting the difeafes peculiar to black women, i. e. yaws, ring. worm, cockcraws, clap, pox, &c. The yaws is a horrid plague, as bad as any Egypt produced; which if a white man contracts he will be a miferable Lazarus for two or three years, and will be shunned and defpifed by every white man; nay, he becomes infectious to his friends, fo that he will hardly get a negroe hut to receive him, or a mouthful to keep life in him; and fhould he furvive it will be an undeniable stain in his character ever after; fo that he might, like Job, curfe the day wherein he was born: it is contracted in the fame manner as a clap, or may be inoculated by a fly that hath newly come from off the fores of the distempered flave. It commonly breaks out at first under the armpits, and about the privates; and afterwards in nasty obnoxious white ulcers all over the face, and every part of the body: from the top of the head to the fole of the foot; therefore, examine every girl well before you go in mourning.

To conclude my differtation on blacks, methinks it is a great pity that the fenators of


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Great-Britain, out of all their patriotifm and love of liberty, have not yet thought of fome plan, at least to put it into execution, for to humanize and enlighten them; blacks in the British colonies are British fubjects: therefore British fubjects fhould no more be flaves in her colonies than in Britain; for I contend, nor can any man confute me, that every man under the fun, whom God formed after his own image, << has a natural and unalienable right to liberty."

The climate and foil of the different parts of Africa, from whence negroes are tranfported, are warm, genial and luxurious; so that nature is exceeding bountiful in producing the fame plants and vegetables as in the Weft Indies: even the fugar cane grows fpontaneous in many parts; confequently, if blacks were humanized, inftructed in arts and fciences, hufbandry and commerce, and made fenfible that the fhedding of their blood was at laft become heinous in the eyes of all Chriftian nations, particularly GreatBritain, and that fugar, rum, coffee, cocoa, cotton, &c. were far more defireable objects to them than human gore, I prefume to think that they would imperceptibly make rapid progrefs in religion and the works of art; and that in a few years they would be capable of fupplying all Europe with thofe commodities at vaftly cheaper rates than through the medium of flavery. But in order to carry this plan into execution,

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