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Brill Archive, 17‏/11‏/2006 - 288 من الصفحات
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Volume 15 of The Jewish Law Annual adds to the growing list of articles on Jewish law that have been published in volumes 1-14 of this series, providing English-speaking readers with scholarly material meeting the highest academic standards. The volume contains six articles diverse in their scope and focus, encompassing legal, historical, textual, comparative and conceptual analysis, as well as a survey of recent literature and a chronicle of cases of interest. Among the topics covered are: lying in rabbinical court proceedings; unjust enrichment; can a witness serve as judge in the same case?; Caro's Shulham Arukh v. Maimonides' Mishne Torah in the Yemenite community, the New Jersey eruv wards.

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SHAVA The Nature and Scope of Jewish Law in Israel as
Meir SICHEL Air Pollution Smoke and Odor Damage
Current Responsa Decisions of Bate Din and Rabbinical
The Foundations of Law Act 1980 and its Implementation
Industrial and Race Relations in England Seide v Gillette Industries
Index to Survey of Recent Literature with Author Index
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