American Catholic Social Teaching, المجلد 2

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Thomas Massaro, Thomas Anthony Shannon
Liturgical Press, 2002 - 203 من الصفحات
Whenever a homily about justice and charity is preached, whenever a union leader or politician inspired by papal pronouncements about just wages stands up to help poorly paid workers, whenever a diocesan newspaper publishes an article advocating creative ways to battle injustices of any sort--these are the ways Catholic social teachings are realized in the everyday world. Catholic social teaching is usually applied to approximately a dozen documents from Vatican sources--popes, councils, and synods of bishops. These social documents deal primarily with issues of life in modern society, including economic and political realities facing all people. A more expansive understanding of Catholic social teaching would extend the conventional definition of the phrase in three ways: first, to consider how Church leaders and theologians addressed social realities in eras prior to the advent of modern social teaching; second, to include developments on the local level, including statements by individual bishops in their dioceses and regional groupings of bishops such as national episcopal conferences; third, to include various types of applied Catholic social teaching. In American Catholic Social Teaching, a CD-ROM and book, Massaro and Shannon focus on the second definition listed above--efforts at the local level--and address the role of the laity and the concrete application of social teachings on the part of the laity. The documents and resources in American Catholic Social Teaching present the core of the social teaching of the American Catholic Church. Volume I: The Documents, is a CD-ROM containing twenty-three documents of social teaching from bishops of the Catholic Church in theUnited States written between 1829 and 1999. Volume II: Analysis of the Tradition, is a book containing twenty essays on the same social issues addressed by the bishops' statements in Volume I. System requirements:
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The ChurchThe Strong Safeguard of the Republic
Is Catholic Education a Waste of Time and Money?
Catholicism and Americanism
The Needy Family and Institutions
A Living Wage
What Is Social Justice?
This Matter of Religious Freedom
Is John A Ryan Typical?
Statement on Church and Social Order 7 February 1940
Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker
A Catholic Dilemma
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Thomas J. Massaro teaches moral theology at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology.

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