Tackling Social Exclusion

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Routledge, 16‏/10‏/2009 - 240 من الصفحات

The concept of social exclusion has been a central focus of government policy for the past ten years and is now at the core of much practitioner activity.

Thoroughly updated, this much needed second edition shows how social workers can combat the social exclusion experienced by service users and at the same time promote social inclusion. It clearly and accessibly demonstrates how concepts and theories of social exclusion can be used to improve practice. Tackling Social Exclusion covers:

  • social work perspectives and approaches promoting social inclusion
  • contemporary issues such as preventative work with young children and families, anti-social behaviour and tensions relating to ethnicity, immigration and faith
  • the role of the voluntary sector and how service agencies can change their organisation to promote inclusion
  • the skills needed when working with specific groups including children and families, young people, vulnerable adults and communities as well as new material on social exclusion in more rural areas.

Each chapter is grounded in up-to-date practice examples and explores through activities, case studies and exercises how the perspective of social exclusion is changing social work today.

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List of figures
What social exclusion means 4
Perspectives and approaches to practice 25
Five building blocks for tackling exclusion 47
Working with socially excluded families 72
Working with socially excluded adults 113
Social work and social exclusion in rural areas 152
Racism and social exclusion 171
Social exclusion and the learning organisation 192
Bibliography 207

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John Pierson was formerly a senior lecturer in Social Work and Applied Social Studies at Staffordshire University. He now works as a consultant and visiting lecturer at the Creative Communities Unit at Staffordshire University. He is co-editor and author of the Dictionary of Social Work, Rebuilding Community: Policy and Practice in Urban Regeneration (2001), and Going Local: Working in Communities and Neighbourhoods (2007).

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