Cult and Death: Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers, the University of Liverpool, May 2002

الغلاف الأمامي
Danai-Christina Naoum, Georgina M. Muskett, Mercourios Georgiadis
Archaeopress, 2004 - 86 من الصفحات
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Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of Postgraduate Researchers, The University of Liverpool, May 2002

The Liverpool Interdisciplinary Symposium in Antiquity (LISA) was envisaged as a forum for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers to present their research and engage in discussion in an informal manner. The theme for LISA 2002, the potent combination of Cult and Death, attracted delegates from several universities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The interdisciplinary nature of the symposium was amply fulfilled by the presentation of papers from the fields of archaeology, ancient history and classics, adopting a wide range of approaches, which are reflected in the articles presented in this volume. Contents: The Greek Neolithic Figurines (Gerasimos Vallerios Stergiopoulos); The Abode of the Ancestors: tomb design, ritual and symbolism In Late Helladic IIIA-B Greece (Chrysanthi Gallou); The Burial Ritual Tradition in the South-eastern Aegean during the Mycenaean Period (Mercourios Georgiadis); The 'hellenisation' of Isis among the Greek deities (Danai-Christina Naoum); Priests and Priestesses in the Mycenaean period (Christina Aamont); Nostos (= homecoming) and death in Greek tragedy (Marigo Alexopoulou); To kill or not to kill? Human sacrifices in Greece according to the Euripidean thought (Polytimi Oikonomopoulou); Adopted by Persephone. Adoption and initiation ritual in A1-A3 Zuntz and Pelinna 1-2 (Georgia Petridou); The death of Daphnis (Evangelia Anagnostou-Laoutides).

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Naoum and Mercourios Georgiadis
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نبذة عن المؤلف (2004)

Danai-Christina Naoum, Georgina Muskett and Mercourios Georgiadis

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