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expert at a certain charming dance, and she will foon give you an opportunity of shewing her abi. lities.

Indeed, it is very difficult, and almost impofsible for any young man, though ever ío prudent, to live amongst them for any length of time, without having unlawful connections with them : they have too many alluring temptacions to lead men attray; nay, was it poflible that a man could have sufficient resolution to abstain from them, they would exert every base means to torment and intult him, and at last conclude that he had lost the use of his members, or was no man ; so, in order to avoid aspersions of this kind, whenever you go to their balls, be brisk, and choose out a partner for the night.

All Mongrels, male and female, are more cruel and fevere than whices to their Naves; nay, even those who are born faves, and continue lo till they arrive to the age of twenty-five or thirty years, when by art or stratagem they procure their freedom, like all other mean beings, when raised from nothing to fomething, they hate all retrospect, and, like the Caladonian, “ who no profession knew or trade, conna recollect” their primitive insignificance: I have known many gipsies, though subject from the age of eleven to thirty to the prostitution and lust of overseers, book-keepers, negroes, &c. to be taken into keeping by gentlemen, who paid exorbitant hire for their use, and in the end to gain such ascen


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dancy over their keepers, as to have their freedom recorded, and to get possession of Naves and estates! and as soon as these African queens became mistresses, to flog and torture most cruelly on all occasions, their faves and former companions, to shew their notority, as they say: the yellow snake says to her poor black wench who she is learning to be a stitcher, You damn'd corpion! You black vipa! I will flog you libba out! Put him in dere! Put him in dere! Dat will nebba do foa me, garl! Wind him fo! Work him fo! Hold him fo! Fig him fo! Kackkaw foa you !

In Kingstown and Spanish-Town, particularly the suburbs, there are inany full rookeries of these touch-wood amorous damsels:-take care of your constitution, by ayoiding their fires as much as possible. However, as there are many better than others among the tawny race,


you chance to meet an agreeable young woman, who upon enquiry (do not credit her own words) you will find was not much prostituted, if you please and humour her properly, she will make and mend all your clothes, attend you when sick, and when she can afford it will assist you with any thing in her power, for many of them are good. natured: and this I hope you will observe; though you make one of them your companion by night, do not be seen in a public place by day with her, nor do not accustom yourself to be haunting their huts by night, as many raw young men do, for it will be taken notice of, and may

injure injure your reputation. When a white man is inclined to get a Mongrel or black girl for a night, the usual mode is to hire a boy or old woman to procure one. Upon the whole, I think it is a great weakness, and an infatuation bordering on phrenzy in men, to waste their vigour and substance upon harlots, whites, Mongrels, or blacks. A virtuous women is a crown of glory, and her price is far above rubies; but lewd women are fountains of human fı ailcies. In hiftory we read that the greatest misfortunes have attended men through the means of women ; and we see instances daily of the base dissimulating stratagems of the sex, by the numbers who are brought to the gallows through their means. Solomon says mott beautifully,

" Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways unto that which destroyeth kings. For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honey.comb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: but her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.--Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold on hell.-Lust not after her beauty in thine heart, neither let her take thee with her eye-lids.--Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes nor be burned? -Can one go upon her coals, and his feet not be burned ?--For a whore is a deep ditch, and a strange woman is a narrow pit."

From all I have said, you may form some idea of the scenes of profigacy and disipation practised in Jamaica, and how much religion is abused when neglected even in the towns; though there are eighteen parishes, and twenty incumbents paid salaries from government, exclusive of the emoluments arising from christenings and burials, (as for marriages, I need not mention them they are so few) yet they seldom preach on Sundays, and when they do, few go to hear them, for they are the worst preachers I ever heard ; and the most abandoned sinner cannot bear to hear the holy scriptures read over like a ballad by profigate rakes and pedagogues, who never were designed for facerdotal functions; and who, instead of shewing good examples by endeavouring to reform the vices of the times, they themselves practice every excess and debauchery. I was well acquainted with five of those reverend gentlemen, who, though they were married to amiable ladies, wantonly roved from Mongrel to Mongrel, from black flower to black flower, and had spurious progenies of different coloured children dispersed all over the island; and when they get drunk, which was almost nightly, they boasted of their amours, and gloriously exulted in their wickedness.

tifed narch's

There are many free black men and women all over the inand, some of whom have Naves and plantations, and live very comfortable and happy. The most considerable number of free blacks are king Cudjoe's subjects: I once had occasion to cross the inand, and called at chat sable monarch's; he lives in a snug little house, thatched with wild pymento leaves, retired on a rugged rocky mountain covered with huge trees, in the parish of St. Mary; where the wild romantic situation, and the croaking of ravens and crows, added much to the folemnity of the scene.

I was faluted by two centinels who were fta. tioned at the door; king Cudjo hearing me, came out, and asked me to alight, and take some sefreshment; I thanked him, and as I was much fatigued, embraced his offer.

I asked him as many questions as I thought I could modestly, without giving offence, respecting his situation : he told me that he lived very happy, that he had about five thousand black subjects, commanded by his brother, Captain Davy; that they cleared odd spots of woodland, planted plenty of corn and other provisions, raised small ftock, killed wild cattle, swine, &c. "I have brandy, rum and porter, (said he) make free, you are kindly welcome, I am always glad to entertain a stranger:" In short, I dined heartily, and was treated with inuch civility. I asked him, how he possibly could get liquors or other supplies to such a remote ftupendous wilderness? “O fir, (replied he) his Majesty in England sends them to me yearly; we are very good friends: I furnished him all this war with a thousand of my men.” I was also fo inquisitive as to interrogate him concerning their freedom; and he very can


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