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streets manfully when every moment you are expecting a dun, or tip from a marshals catchpole.

Another thing I must advise you, is not to be countrified, nor bigotted to 'religion: I was once fo filly as to be fonder of my countrymen than of others, and enjoyed a secret pleasure when I had an opportunity of serving them; but though I had it not in my power to grant favours so freely, as Timon in the play had, my friends often in the end behaved as una grateful to me as his did to him, I could men-' tion many instances of their base ingratitude, but it is folly to repeat grievances. Ingratitude is a moft heinous sin; if you wish to lible or to stigmatize your enemy, you cannot say worse than that he is ungrateful. Gratitude, offspring of the generous merciful heart, thews itself in a thousand varied forms: the consolation a good man feels at doing a generous action or returning a favour is great. When you do a charitable or generous action, conceal it from every person as private as possible; let it be done freely, not as if extorted, or oftentatiously, for thereby the value will be enhanced; and do not, for a trifle, quarrel with an old friend, to forget all the good turns he did you, which is often the case amongst men, for that is ungrateful.

« On adament our wrongs we all engrave,
" But write our benefits upon the wave."

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I would with you to wrice letters frequently, in order to make letter-writing familiar to you: if you have no particular friend to whom you can unbosom your mind, you may suppose one, an imaginary friend, it will answer the same, and you will thereby improve yourself: 'let the stile be plain and easy, free from affectation and ill-connected phrases; when writing, always suppose the person present; as if you was speaking to him, thereby your fancy and paffions will be more strongly excited; it is a great recommendation to a young man to write a lecter 'well, to speak smooth and harmonious upon paper, (for there is a harmony in prose as well as in verse).-As Pope says,

« Speed the soft intercourse from foul to soul,
«. And waft a sigh from Indies to the Pole."

I would wish you to have a small collection of well chosen books; you never can be alone while

you have a good book about you. “ Books are fair virtues, advocates and friends." And though religion is practised very liccle in the British colonies, I beg, for God's sake, you will take some thought of your poor soul; commit as little sin as possible: I know it is impoffible for us to avoid finning, but if we be always on our guard, and beg fervently for God's grace to give us resolution to follow good example, we need not be too wicked finners. God is gracious and good, and all merciful; he formed

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us of a frail nature. He knoweth whereof we are made: he remembereth that we are but dult;” and he will, if we put our sole crust and confidence in his mercies, through the merits of his blessed Son, forgive us our sins; so that we should not put our trust in man, that veering precarious animal; all men are treacherous even to themselves ; a man may be your warm friend to day, and to-morrow a frivolous matter may make him your enemy; alas-so weak is our nature! Therefore, let no man know the bottom of your heart; 2)ways converse and act with your intimates as if you expected, one time or other, they would be your inveterate enemies.

“ Safe in thy breast close lock up thy intents,

« For he who knows thy purpose best prevents." Trust ye not in a friend, put pe not confidence in a guide; keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bofon. Micah vii. 5.


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