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the night air, or heavy dews, which too often prove fatal to those who wantonly fport with their conftitutions to enjoy cool repofe without canopies. Avoid immoderate and athletic exercife, and every thing that may tend to inflame or corrupt your blood. Never drink cold water when you find yourself in a heat: warm beverage, weak punch, or fangre, is beft, and will cool you; and if fuch cannot be had, refrain from drink till you are cool. Be always guarded in your manner of living; let your food be as eafy of digeftion as poffible; and load not your ftomach with fat or greasy meats, left you be troubled with the cholic or bile; and be not fond of milk, or any thing that will curdle on your ftomach. Eat no fuppers, and go to bed quite fober every night, and you will enjoy good health. Fruit, fuch as pine apples, ftar apples, and melons, are grateful, about ten or eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Health chiefly depends on the habit of the body; if you find yourself coftive, take a gentle purge, for you should have a ftool once or twice daily.

When your pulfe beat strong and faft, like the ticking of a watch; when you feel a beating or reeling in your head; a weakness in your eyes; pains in your neck, back, fhoulders, or knees; when your perfpiration fmells ftrong and dif agreeable to yourself; or, when you do not perfpire as free as ufual; when you feel yourself grow uncommonly heavy and drowsy; when you have

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a difagreeable tafte in your mouth, and your tongue gets white and foul; when your appetite declines, and when you have morning reachings, these are all feverish symptoms, and proceed from the diforder and foulnefs of the ftomach; a vomit of tartar emetic, and a purge or two, timely and properly adminiftered, and afterwards a few dofts of Peruvian bark, each infufed in a wine glass of water, and taken hourly, will effectually stop the fever's further progrefs.

When the above fymptoms are not attended to, a fever inevitably muft follow; when a fever is intermittant, and attended with an ague, it is not thought dangerous; the cure chiefly depends upon emetics and purges, with plenty of bark taken when the hot fit is over. Proper attendance is effentially neceffary; for numbers, I am confident, die through neglect. A glass of beverage, or fage-tea, may often be a cordial to the thirty lip of a languid wretch, who has been fweating and frying feveral weeks upon a fickly couch; when a perfon is confined to his bed, fome careful, difcreet, black woman, should be appointed to at tend him all day and night. Therefore let me requeft, that when you find yourself indisposed as I have mentioned, you will immediately check the first symptom of a fever, leaft it gets too formidable, and putrifaction, which is very common, takes place. It is always a fure fign of getting the better of a fever, when the lips blifter and break out.


An ague proceeds from obftructed perspirations, or whatever retards the motion of the juices, and delays the circulation of the blood: the figns are drowsiness, heavinefs, coldness, and fhivering, and an involuntary motion of the jaws.

Of all the diseases poor mortals are subject to, dry belly-achs are attended with the most excrutiating torture; it is impoffible to conceive the extreme pain and agony the patient fuffers in one hour: nothing but the pains of hell can equal it. Caftor oil, which grows upon a fhrub in the island, is the best medicine in this cafe; it sometimes effectually cures. There is a hot bath near Spanish Town which gives immediate ease; indeed, any hot bath, whilst the patient remains in it, will give ease in like manner.

A confumption proceeds from whatever corrupts the blood, or obftructs the circulation of the veffels, fome impediment in the lungs, or from long continued coughs, pleurifies, intemperance, ill-cured venerials, or hard ftudy; or a confumption may be hereditary. It is cured with great difficulty even in its moft fimple stage; but when confirmed, hardly ever; a hot climate is beft for those who are of a consumptive nature; mercurial purgatives are of effential fervice, nor fhould the patient by any means be diffuaded from taking them; it is alfo neceffary to get blooded, provided always (as they fay in their acts of parliament) that there is no bleeding at the nofe; tea, penada, fagoe, jellies, fruit, with clear and plea

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fant air, polite chearful company, mufic, riding moderately, are all conducive to health in confumptive cafes.

Notwithstanding all the advice and caution I fhall hereafter give you, and in fpite of all your own fortitude and firmeft refolutions, respecting unlawful amours, you will, no doubt (as frail flesh and blood) have connections with the tender fex. The climate excites defire, and makes men and women more amorous and lafcivious than in colder regions; the misfortunes often attending the gratification of libidinous paffions to excess, prove ruinous to the health and welfare of many : though the pleasures are only momentary, the pain may be long and lafting, and never will bear ferious reflection without fome poignacy at heart; as a man cannot put his finger into the fire without fcorching it, fo he cannot have connections with lewd women, and efcape diseases.

Venereals are diforders of different kinds. A fimple venereal, or c-p, is not thought to hurt the conftitution much, if properly cured, but may be serviceable to those who are gross in flesh, in préventing fevers. A c-p is caufed from a communication of the fame fort of matter through the veffels to the parts it corrodes; it is fomewhat odd to me, that men are more liable than women to contract the difeafe, confidering the difference of the organs of generation in both; the first symptom of a c-p is a prickling pain, and afterwards a fcalding in making of water; if the


matter is yellowish and flows plentifully, and the fymptoms moderate, the patient may be cured in eight or ten days; nor fhould he, through any inci tation whatsoever, have to do with the fex till properly cured; for fhould he trefpafs in this cafe, it will every time exafperate the difeafe, and retard the cure, whereby he will injure his own frame by taking a greater quantity of medicine than ufual to remove it, and fo introduce an avenue for rhumatic pains (what diffipated rakes call the gout) to follow feveral years aftar, and attend him to his laft hours: nor fhould he, if poffible, entertain even one amorous thought the whole time, nor do any thing to create defire or caufe erections.

A c-p is often attended with a cordee, which is a convulfive contraction of the under part of the penis, caused by the corrofive matter affecting fuch parts bending it crooked, and is felt in erections which are involuntary and more frequent than when natural; it often occafions a flux of blood and matter, and is attended with great pain when the patient is making water-O libidinous, ungovernable paffions, to what do you reduce poor mortals!

There are many ways of curing c-ps; every quack almoft prefcribes differently; and though every one will pretend to cure it, not one in twenty can do it radically. The following prefcription, which I got from an eminent phyfician, cured me and many others effectually.

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