Urban Problems and Community Development

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Ronald F. Ferguson, William T. Dickens
Brookings Institution Press, 01‏/01‏/2011 - 642 من الصفحات

In recent years, concerned governments, businesses, and civic groups have launched ambitious programs of community development designed to halt, and even reverse, decades of urban decline. But while massive amounts of effort and money are being dedicated to improving the inner-cities, two important questions have gone unanswered: Can community development actually help solve long-standing urban problems? And, based on social science analyses, what kinds of initiatives can make a difference? This book surveys what we currently know and what we need to know about community development's past, current, and potential contributions. The authors--economists, sociologists, political scientists, and a historian--define community development broadly to include all capacity building (including social, intellectual, physical, financial, and political assets) aimed at improving the quality of life in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. The book addresses the history of urban development strategies, the politics of resource allocation, business and workforce development, housing, community development corporations, informal social organizations, schooling, and public security.


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1 Introduction
2 Reconceiving the Community Development Field
A Brief History of Federal Policy in Poor Communities
4 Power Money and Politics in Community Development
Mission Strategy and Accomplishments
6 What Community Supplies
7 Security and Community Development
The Community Development Challenge
What Community Development Can Accomplish
10 The Economics of Housing Services in LowIncome Neighborhoods
New Frontiers for Policy and Research
Problems and Prospects
13 Social Science Research Urban Problems and Community Development Alliances
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William T. Dickens, a senior fellow in the Economics Studies program at the Brookings Institution, was previously a senior economist on the President's Council of Economic Advisers and professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. Ronald F. Ferguson has taught at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government since 1983 and is senior research associate at Harvard's Wiener Center for Social Policy.

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