Twinning Faith and Development: Catholic Parish Partnering in the US and Haiti

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Kumarian Press, 2007 - 241 من الصفحات
* One of the first in-depth studies about grassroots-to-grassroots development assistance and development spurred by non-professionals.
* Looks at how development is perceived and practiced by members of a Catholic parish in the US

Twinning Faith and Development documents the operation of a project in which two Catholic churches - one in the US and one in Haiti - partner to spur development in Haiti. Little is known about the functioning of grassroots initiatives led by those without formal training or professional experience in conventional development, even though these direct linkages between citizens in the global north and south are becoming prominent and important channels for international development. More than 350 parishes in North America currently work with parish "sisters" in Haiti alone through partnerships called "twinning".

Hefferan explores development as it is conceived, designed, and implemented by those outside the conventional aid industry, those not considered to be development experts. She looks at both twinning’s failings and its possibilities as an alternative to conventional development practices.

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Studying Twinning and Development
Developments Theory and Practice
Twinning at St Robert
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Tara Hefferan is a visiting assistant professor at Alma College. Her research interests include cultural anthropology; economic development; gender and feminist theory; violence and human rights; philanthropy, humanitarianism and non-profits; business anthropology; structural inequality; Haiti and U.S.

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