Yakkun Nattannawā: A Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology; to which is Appended. The Practices of a Capua Or Devil Priest, as Described by a Budhist: and Kōlan Nattannawā: a Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Characters Assumed by Natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade

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Oriental Translation Fund, 1829 - 69 من الصفحات
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الصفحة 68 - The great Geographical Work of Idrisi ; translated by the Rev. GC Renouard, BD This Arabic work was written AD 1153, 'to illustrate a large silver globe made for Roger, King of Sicily, and is divided into the seven climates described by the Greek Geographers.
الصفحة 66 - Committee who sends a translation for approval, whether to obtain a reward or medal, or merely to have it printed at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to cease to act on the Committee until the adoption or rejection of his work is decided on. 7th. No work, although prepared for the press at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to be printed, until the imprimatur of the Chairman or a Deputy Chairman, and at least eight Members of the Committee, is obtained.
الصفحة 68 - Ethics is an elaborate composition, formed on Greek models, and is very highly esteemed in Persia. A Collation of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament, both Nestorian and Jacobite, that are accessible in England, by the Rev. Professor Lee. This collation will include the various readings of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament in the British Museum, and the Libraries at Oxford, Cambridge, &c.
الصفحة 67 - THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATUTA, Translated from the abridged Arabic Manuscript Copies preserved in the Public Library of Cambridge, with NOTES, illustrative of the History, Geography, Botany, Antiquities, &c. occurring throughout the Work.
الصفحة 34 - Oh come, ye men, ye brittle things, mere images of clay, Ye flitting leaves, ye shadowy shapes, ye creatures of a day, Poor, wingless, wretched mortals ye, like nothing but a dream ; Give heed to us, and list for once to an immortal theme. Immortals we, and live for aye, from age and sorrow free ; Our mansion in the viewless air ; our thoughts, eternity. Come learn from us, for we can tell ye secrets most sublime. How all things are ; and birds exist before the birth of time ; How gods...
الصفحة 65 - His Grace the LORD ARCHBISHOP of CANTERBURY. The Right Honourable the LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR. His Grace the DUKE OF WELLINGTON. The Most Noble the MARQUESS of LANSDOWNE. The Right Honourable the EARL SPENCER. The Right Honourable the EARL AMHERST, late Governor-General of India.
الصفحة 66 - Minute-Book, which every Subscriber has the right of inspecting, on application to him. 6th. For the purpose of directing the attention of scholars to the literature of the East, and encouraging translations, the Committee is empowered to give annually, for such works...
الصفحة 69 - Reza ; translated by Mirza Alexander Kazem Beg. This is a Turkish History of the Khans of the Crimea, written about AD 1740, and contains many interesting particulars relating to Turkey, Russia, Poland, and Germany. A History of Georgia; translated by Monsieur Jules de Klaproth.
الصفحة 69 - Ibn Khaldun's History of the Berbers ; translated by the Rev. Professor Lee. This Is a rare and valuable Arabic work, containing an account of the origin, progress, and decline of the dynasties which governed the northern coast of Africa. The History...
الصفحة 66 - Auditor will report the receipts and disbursements of the past year ; and the Secretary report the progress made in the works that have been commenced, and give an account of those that are proposed for publication in the following year. A copy of each of these Reports will be sent to every Subscriber. — A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary at any time it is required in writing by nine Subscribers, the requisition stating the subject that is to be proposed for consideration.

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