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F. C. degree alludes. This is evident from what has already been said in the first part of the preceding description. The maps of the earth and the charts of the celestial constellations, which are sometimes said to have been engraved upon these globes, must be referred to the pillars, where, according to Oliver, a Masonic tradition places them—an ancient custom, instances of which we find in profane history. This is, however, by no means of any importance, as the symbolic allusion is perfectly well preserved in the shapes of the chapiters, without the necessity of any such geographical or astronomical engraving upon them. For being globular or nearly so, they may be well said to represent the terrestrial and celestial spheres.

The true description then of these memorable pillars is simply this. Immediately within the porch of the Temple, and on each side of the door, were placed two hollow brazen pillars. The height of each was twentyseven feet, the diameter about six feet, and the thickness of the brass three inches. Above the pillar and covering its upper part to the depth of nine inches, was an oval body or chapiter, seven feet and a half in height. Springing out from the pillar, at the junction of the chapiter with it, was a row of lily petals, which, first spreading around the chapiter, afterwards gently curved downwards toward the pillar, something like the acanthus leaves on the capital of a Corinthian column. About two-fifths of the distance from the bottom of the chapiter, or just below its most bulging part, a tissue of net work was carved, which extended over its whole upper surface. To the bottom of this net work was suspended a series of fringes, and on these again were carved two rows of pomegranates, one hundred being in each


This description, it seems to me, is the only one that can be reconciled with the various passages in the books of Kings, Chronicles, and Jeremiah, that relate to these pillars, and the only one that can give the Masonic student a correct conception of the architecture of these important symbols. To give such a con ception, has been the object of this paper, and if, in this attempt I have succeeded, I shall feel amply rewarded for any labor I have expended in its composition. Charleston, Dec. 31, 5847.


We learn from the Lexington (Miss.) Advertiser, that the Masonic School at that place, projected by Eureka Lodge, has been opened for the reception of pupils. Teachers of the very highest qualifications have been secured, and every essential to facilitate the student has been furnished. The building (says the Advertiser,) is now complete, and we but reiterate the expression of every one who has seen it, in stating that it is one of the most handsome edifices in the State. Too much cannot be said complimentary to the skill and taste of the architect. We may say the school is firmly established, and we look with pleasing certainty to the day when it will be the most flourishing institution in the State.



MR. MOORE: In turning over the pages of the November number of your Magazine, I was much surprised to find an article from my own pen, which was certainly never intended for publication; but when I found that it had reached my native land, the home of my childhood, around which cluster so many endearing associations, my slumbering affections were rekindled, and I felt a strong desire to extend my views upon a subject of which woman is permitted to know but little, hoping to inspire others with a desire to acquaint themselves with the moral beauties of Masonry,-which must command the highest admiration of those who avail themselves of the various sources of information within their reach.

As a descendant of the first Grand Master of America, and of still nearer and dearer friends, whose Masonic virtues endeared them to all with whom they were associated, my earliest sympathies were enlisted in favor of an Order, so full of sublime and holy mystery, so fraught with good will to man, and so evidently bearing the impress of Divine authority. Not, however, until I began earnestly to search for its intrinsic excellences, did I know aught of its origin, its magnitude, or its finally great and glorious destiny.

It may be that I set too high an estimate on Masonry; but if, (as I verily believe,) its principles are coeval with its Eternal Author, the great Architect of the Universe, can the standard be too high? Were not those principles exemplified by many of the soul-stirring scenes of the earliest ages of the world, and signalized by the immediate presence of Jehovah ?-as the offering up of Isaac, the burning bush, the pillar of fire by night and of cloud by day, and many other events of startling grandeur, handed down by the patriarchs from generation to generation, as an indisputable evidence of the power and protection of the Most High?

When the time was fully come for these principles to assume a different form, the Supreme Ruler, who seeth the end from the beginning, caused a house to be builded wherein to record His name; and in order to do this, peace, plenty and unity were desirable. Therefore, Solomon, endowed with wisdom, power and wealth unparalleled, was selected to carry out the designs of heaven, by organizing the most complete system of Operative Science, based upon the immutable laws which the Highest himself had taught to man, the better to enable him to proceed with the great work harmoniously, joyously and securely. What a privilege, thus to labor in concert, under the immediate protection and favor of Omnipotence! to be the honored instruments in preparing the first Temple for the living God!-to be chosen, approved, and accepted as worthy to be entrusted with a work of so stupendous and sacred a character!

Behold Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram the Widow's Son, in the prosecution of the magnificent undertaking,--as the first Grand Masters of this Divinely appointed Institution; and under the immediate superintendence of the great Grand Master above! overwhelmed with awe, reverence and astonishment at a discovery most momentous to man throughout all future time, and most en


couraging to them. The mystical Light which then illumined the dark places of the earth, revealing the long lost Name! putting to flight the obscurity of past ages, and radiating the dark vista of futurity, has never ceased to glimmer, although at times, superstition, ignorance and fanaticism have nearly extinguished it. When Masonry was no longer needed as an Operative, it became a Moral sciIts sacred mysteries were still confined to faithful breasts, few in numbers but strong in faith and steadfast in purpose, conscious of possessing knowledge that would bring joy and gladness to this sin-blighted world. At one time, indeed, it is said, that but two remained to whom the concealment of the Ark and its sacred deposites was known; and after a lapse of seventy years, the faithful alone were permitted to enter the consecrated Royal Arch, and bring forth from the rubbish of years, what He that "walketh upon the wings of the wind" had guarded, during the captivity of his people, by thunderings, by lightnings and by earthquakes! Time rolls on, the Temple is rebuilt, and many and striking are the interpositions of Divine Providence, while the Godlike plans of love to man are maturing.

Oh! the matchless wisdom, the fathomless love that has characterized all! A new era is dawning! Give ear, O Heaven, and rejoice, O Earth, for the redemption of man draweth nigh! The mystical Light is shooting forth its rays, and will, ere long, burst upon the astonished sight with dazzling splendor! Behold the Star of Bethlehem! the infant of the manger-the Messiah, has come! But the world will not receive the lowly stranger! No pomp attends his birth: he is ushered into the world amid the most abject poverty; but are there no evidences of his illustrious descent, or his Godlike mission? O yes! Beside the fulfillment of prophecy and the heavenly host that attest his Divinity, there is still a remnant of the favored few whose hearts throb with holy rapture at the annunciation that Christ is born! The mysterious chain has not been broken,-each burnished link has been wrought by a skillful Hand, and the combined powers of earth and hell have been insufficient to sever, or mar its beauty and perfection. The light of Moriah has guided the "holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling,” of whose expectation Christ Jesus has been their "Apostle and High Priest," and who is now their Lord and their God. They have "kept the faith and obtained the promise," and of them "the world was not worthy." Now they leave the first principles, the operative and moral are merged in the Christian Order. Hitherto, their sphere of usefulness has been comparatively circumscribed; now, behold the vast field, the invincible weapons! Within herself, Masonry embodies all that pertains to the happiness of the human family, either here or hereafter,― all the arts and sciences, the most perfect system of morals, and the whole economy of God, as manifested in the creation, preservation and redemption of man. But how pre-eminently does she now stand forth!--how elevated and immovable is now her position! The broad banner of Christianity now waves over her, and beneath its ample folds shall she go forth conquering and to conquer. Here, here must the work be done! All, hitherto, has been preparatory: now, the Christian seal is affixed, and her final success is secure.

At the early age of twelve, we find our blessed Saviour, "who spake as never man spake," disputing in the Temple with the Doctors of the law, whom his wisdom overwhelms with astonishment; and again, at eighteen, we hear from him;

but the twelve subsequent years are to the world a blank in his history; but not so to the immediate recipients of his mystical glory. How replete with interest must that period have been to that fraternal band who have pledged themselves to die, if necessary, in defence of that holy religion about to be revealed to an expecting but rebellious world! To this period we trace the Orders of Knighthood! and believe the High and Holy One to have been the Illustrious Founder! who himself! is the Chief Corner Stone! and to whom all power in heaven and earth belongeth! When at the age of thirty, the Saviour appears on the stage of action. All seems to have been arranged by a Master hand. At a word, his disciples, as if previously prepared, flock around him! "Follow thou me," was all that was required from those august lips. What an evidence of power and authority! but O how far removed from arrogance or ostentation-the Majesty of a God! The considerate kindness of a friend, the tender gentleness of a parent, characterized all his dealings with erring man. He lays aside the Godhead and assumes the garb of humanity,-subjected to poverty, ignominy and reproach, leaving the infirmities of our nature, that he might the better succour us. He was humbled that we might be exalted. He died that we might live! Terrible was the conflict, strong the temptation to his chosen followers; but with one exception the twelve were faithful.

But who may paint their agony when they beheld that Blessed Being, extended upon the Cross! He to whom they had listened with delight, from whose blessed lips had distilled heavenly wisdom-whose every act proclaimed his Divinity, and whose death clothed the face of nature with the blackness of midnight! rent the veil of the temple from the top to the bottom! upheaved the slumbering earth and caused the dead to come forth! Heaven, earth and hell proclaimed the injustice of the deed; but established the Godhead of the immaculate sufferer! Mark the thick darkness that pervades all nature during that scene of anguish !-fearfully sublime must have been the spectacle! Joseph of Arimathea has begged the sacred body and wrapped it in fine linen and laid it in a new tomb. Oh! Joseph, if of the holy conclave, who may even imagine thy emotions while thus performing the sad offices of duty and affection!

To the world was revealed all that was necessary for human salvation, and all that it was capable of receiving; but to the faithful Christian Knight, how clear, how transcendant is the scheme! None but the "Lord of Lords, and King of Kings" could have devised, or executed aught so full, so complete! How anxiously did his friends watch the result after the mouth of the Sepulchre had been secured by the enemies of their blessed Master-how slowly and sorrowfully pass the intervening days! Mark the untiring devotion of Mary, who, "being early at the Sepulchre, while it was yet dark," enjoyed the sweet reward of being first addressed by the Master, and to whom she unhesitatingly responded, Rabbonni!!

Of the forty days spent by the Redeemer, after his resurrection, and previous to his ascension, we have but a limited account; but are we to suppose that a moment was lost? O no! The time was doubtless spent in qualifying his followers for future usefulness, and in perfecting the mysterious bond that united them to Him, their glorious Head! How fraught with wisdom, how soul transforming must have been the blessed instructions they then received from

Him! But alas! the time is at hand when he must be parted from them; but now they know that his triumph is complete and that he shall henceforth sit at the right hand of the Majesty on High, therefore their sinking hearts are comforted. Oh, who would not love to linger here! how must the mysterious tie, the holy compact have been strengthened by this melting scene! Slowly!--majestically! Godlike, he rises!-with uplifted hands and eyes, his calm and noble brow indicating the purity of his life, his unchanging love to man, and the infinitude of his power and wisdom! Methinks as the cloud received him out of the sight of his admiring friends, I see them rushing into each others arms, giving glory to God, and renewing the solemn covenant by which they were consecrated to the service of Him who had just ascended.

What a multitude of evidence! From the moment that God revealed these principles to the ancients, all has been beautifully connected-another brilliant link has been added to that diamond chain composed of the inestimable gems of truth, justice and mercy!

The blessed light yet gilds the horizon and shall continue to widen and spread until all is fulfilled, until the exiled and scattered tribes who crucified their Lord and cried out, "his blood be upon us and upon our children," shall bow in deepest humility at the foot of the cross, and with heartfelt gratitude acknowledge that the meek and lowly Nazarene, was not only the expected Messiah, but the Mighty God! the Prince of Peace! the Everlasting Father. Masonry shall exist until the veil that conceals her holy mysteries shall be drawn aside by the hand of Omnipotence!-when the full blaze of Millenium Glory shall have merged in one all sects and orders-when all the families of the earth are united by the blood of Christ! AMELIA.

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On the 27th Dec., 1847, the Brethren of St. John's Lodge, No. 491, at Kingston, Canada West, assembled in their "truly Masonic" Lodge room, to install their Master elect, and celebrate, according to "ancient usage," the anniversary of St. John the Evangelist.

The number of Brethren present was greater than on any former occasion, and it is pleasing to add that the installation of the Master, and the investment of the respective officers of the Lodge, were performed in a Masonic and highly impressive manner. Br. South, the P. M. of Minden Lodge, (Reg. of Ireland,) attached to Her Majesty's 20th Regiment, assisted by the Past Masters of St. John's Lodge, precisely at high twelve, installed Br. James Alexander Henderson, (the Senior Warden for the past year,) as W. Master. The following Brethren were afterwards duly invested: W. J. Goodeve, S. W.; J. B. Hall, J. W.; T. Briggs, Treas.; S. D. Fowler, Sec.; Rev. W. M. Herdimer, Chaplain; J. Grist, S. D.; J. Patterson, J. D.; J. Harvey, M. C.; J. Shaw, I. G.; J. Medcalf and I. Hope, Stewards; W. Kerns, Tyler.

The Brethren being joined by visiting Brethren from Union Lodge, Richmond, the Duke of Leinster and Minden Lodges, and preceded by the band of

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