The Fortunate Union: A Romance, الجزء 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Printed from the Oriental translation fund, and sold by J. Murray, 1829
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الصفحة 227 - Keeper of the yellow gate, bring us that picture, that we may view it. [Sees the picture.] Ah, how has he dimmed the purity of the gem, bright as the waves in autumn. [To the attendant Transmit our pleasure to the officer of the guard, to behead Maouyenshow and report to us his execution.
الصفحة 215 - Age," by the author of the present version. The " Sorrows of Han" is historical, and relates to one of the most interesting periods of the Chinese annals, when the growing effeminacy of the court, and consequent weakness of the government, emboldened the Tartars in their aggressions, and first gave rise to the temporising and impolitic system of propitiating those barbarians by tribute, which long after produced the downfall of the empire, and the establishment of the Mongol dominion. The...
الصفحة 243 - He announces that the renegade, by deserting his allegiance, led to the breach of truce, and occasioned all these calamities. The Princess is no more ! — and the Khan wishes for peace and friendship between the two nations. The envoy attends with reverence your imperial decision. "Emp. — Then strike off the traitor's head, and be it presented as an offering to the shade of the Princess ! Let a fit banquet be got ready for the envoy, preparatory to his return.
الصفحة 228 - Majesty to remit their contributions and extend favor toward them ! EMPEROR. That shall readily be done. Approach and hear our Imperial pleasure. We create you a Princess of our palace. LADY. How unworthy is your handmaid of such gracious distinction ! [Goes through the form of returning thanks.] Early to-morrow I attend your Majesty's commands in this place. The Emperor is gone: let the attendants close the doors : I will retire to rest.
الصفحة 233 - Chow-wong 8 who lost his empire and life entirely through his blind devotion to Takee, is a fit example to warn your Majesty. Our army is weak, and needs the talents of a fit general. Should we oppose the Tartars, and be defeated, what will remain to us? Let your Majesty give up your fondness for the princess, to save your people.
الصفحة 26 - Heza ; translated by Mirza Alexander Kazem Beg. This is a Turkish History of the. Khans of the Crimea, written about AD 1740, and contains many interesting particulars relating to Turkey, Russia, Poland, and Germany.
الصفحة 229 - K'han of the Tartars, at the head of his Tribes. K'HAN. I lately sent an envoy to the sovereign of Han, with the demand of a princess in marriage ; but the Emperor has returned a refusal, under the plea that the princess is yet too young. This answer gives me great trouble. Had he not plenty of ladies in his palace, of whom he might have sent me one? The difference was of little consequence.6 Let me recall my envoy with all speed, for I must invade the South with our forces.
الصفحة 215 - Though wit and art conspire to move your mind ; But dulness with obscenity must prove As shameful sure as impotence in love. In the fat age of pleasure, wealth, and ease, Sprung the rank weed, and thrived with large increase ; When love was all an easy monarch's care ; Seldom at council, never in a war...
الصفحة 224 - MINISTER [repeats verses}. The huge ingots of yellow gold I appropriate to myself. I heed not the seas of blood which flow by perverting the laws. During life I am determined to have abundance of riches; what care I for the curses of mankind after my death?

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