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By Rev. C. S. LOVELL. 12mo., embossed cloth. Containing the Doctrines and Moral Government of the Methodist Church, with Scripture proofs; accompanied with appropriate questions, to which is added a systematic plan for studying the Bible, rules for the government of a Christian family, and a brief catechism upon experimental religion.

This work supplies a want which has long been felt among the members of the Methodist Church. As a family manual, and aid to the means of grace and practical duties of Christianity, it is certainly a valuable work. It also contains the Discipline of the Church, with Scriptural proofs, and appropriate questions to each chapter. It is certainly an excellent book for religious instruction and edification. We most heartily commend it to the Methodist public, and hope it may have a wide circulation and be made a blessing to all.



Large 12mo., gilt sides and back. Beautifully illustrated. Embracing the romantic incidents and adventures in the lives of Sovereigns, Queens, Generals, Princes, Travelers, Warriors, Voyagers, &c., &c., eminent in the history of Europe and America.


Of Western Literature, Science, and Art. Illustrated with Steel Plates. 8vo., cloth, gilt sides and back.

This work most happily blends valuable information and sound morality, with the gratification of a literary and imaginative taste. Its pages abound in sketches of history, illustrations of local interest, vivid portraitures of virtuous life, and occasional disquisitions and reviews.

Christianity, as Exemplified in the Conduct of its Sincere Professors. By Rev. W. SECKER.

This is a book of rare merit, full of thought-exciting topics, and is particularly valuable as an aid to Christian devotion. 12mo, embossed cloth.


A choice selection of original and selected Temperance Music, arranged for one, two, three, or four voices, with an extensive variety of Popular Temperance Songs. 32mo.

This is a neat volume, well printed, and well bound, containing 256 pages. It is the best collection of temperance songs and music we have seen. Were a few copies secured in every town in Ohio, in the hands of the warm-hearted friends of the Maine Law, an element of power and interest would be added to temperance meetings, and a stronger impulse given to the onward march of the cold water army.—Summit, (O.,) Beacon.

This will certainly become one of the most popular temperance song books which has been published in the country. We think it is, so far as we have examined, the best collection of songs we have seen. Some of them are exceedingly beautiful and affecting.-Temperance Chart.

This is a popular Temperance Song Book, designed for the people, and should be in every family. We can recommend it to the patronage of all our temperance friends, as the best temperance songster, with music attached, we have seen. The music in this work is set according to Harrison's Numeral System, for two reasons: First, because it is so simple and scientific that all the people can easily learn it. Second, it is difficult to set music in a book of this size and shape, except in numerals.-Cleveland Commercial.


By A. D. FILLMORE, Author of Christian Psalmist, &c., containing all Systems of Notation. New Edition, enlarged.

The title, "Universal Musician," is adopted because the work is designed for everybody. The style of expression is in common plain English, so that it may be adapted to the capacities of all, instead of simply pleasing the fancy of the few.

Most of the music is written in Harrison's Numeral System of Notation, because it is the most intelligible of all the different systems extant, and is therefore better adapted to the wants of community. Music would be far better understood and appreciated by the people generally, if it were all written in this way. For it is more easily written, occupies less space, is more quickly learned, more clearly understood, is less liable to be forgotten, and will answer all common purposes better than any other. But the world is full of music, written in various systems, and the learner should acquire a knowledge of all the principal varieties of notation, so as to be able to read all music. To afford this knowledge to all, is the object of the present effort.

Poetry, which is calculated to please as well as instruct, has been carefully selected from many volumes already published, and from original compositions furnished expressly for this work, Much of the music is original, which is willingly submitted to the ordeal of public opinion. Some of it certainly possesses some merit, if we may judge from the avidity with which it is pil fered and offered to the public by some, would-be, authors,

Universalliad; Or Confessions of Universalism. A Poem in twelve Cantos, to which are added Lectures on Universalism, wherein the system is explained, and its chief arguments considered and refuted.

Salvation by Christ. By Rev. WM. SHERLOCK.

Eolian Lyrist. By Rev. WM. B. GILLHAM, Pastor of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Columbia, Tenn. Figured Notes, 250 pages.

American Church Harp. A Choice Collection of Hymns and Tunes adapted to all Christian Churches, Singing Schools, and Private Families. By Rev. W. RHINEHART. 12mo., half morocco.

The Camp Meeting and Sabbath School Chorister. By AARON Cox.

Sacred Meicacon, A Collection of Revival Hymns. By Rev. R. M. DALBY. A Biographical Sketch of Colonel Daniel Boone, the First Settler in Kentucky, interspersed with incidents in the early annals of the country. By TIMOTHY FLINT. 12mo. Embossed cloth.

Life of Tecumseh, and of his Brother the Prophet, with a Historical Sketch of the Shawnee Indians. By B. DRAKE. 12mo., embossed cloth.

Life and Adventures of Black Hawk, with Sketches of Keokuk, the Sac and Fox Indians, and the Black Hawk War. By B. DRAKE. 12mo., embossed cloth.

Western Adventure. By M'CLUNG. Illustrated.

Lewis & Clarke's Journal to the Rocky Mountains. Illugtrated. 12mo., sheep.

Life and Essays of Ben. Franklin. 18mo., cloth.

Medical Student in Europe, Or Notes on France, England, Italy, &c. Illustrated with steel plates.

The Poor Man's Home, Or Rich Man's Palace; Or Gravel Wall Buildings. This is one of the most desirable books published, for all who contemplate erecting dwellings or out-houses, as the cost is not over one third that of brick or frame, and quite as durable. Illustrated with numerous plans and a cut of the author's residence, with full directions, that every man may be his own builder.

Lectures and Sermons. By Rev. F. G. BLACK, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. 12mo., embossed cloth.

A New History of Texas, from the first European Settlements, in 1682, down to the present time-including an account of the Mexican War, together with the Treaty. Paper.

Map of the Western Rivers. By S. B. MUNSON. Being a map of the navigable parts of the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, Cumberland, and Wabash Rivers, with a Table of Distances.

A New History of Oregon and California. By LANSFORD W. HASTINGS. Paper.

Parley's America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Islands, Tales of the Sea, Greece, Rome, Winter Evening Tales, Juvenile Tales, Bible Stories, Anecdotes, Sun, Moon, and Stars: new and revised editions.

Parley's Right is Might, Dick Boldhero, The Truth Finder, Philip Brusque, Tales of Sea and Land, Tales of the Revolution:

Bradley's Housekeeper's Guide and Cook Book; Or a plain and economical Cook Book, containing a great variety of new, valuable, and approved receipts: 12mo, cloth:

Lyons' English Grammar. A new Grammar of the English Language, familiarly explained, and adapted to the use of Schools and Private Students. The work is so arranged as to infallibly secure the attention, to awaken inquiry, and to leave the most lasting impressions upon the mind of the learner. 12mo., cloth.

Common School Primer.

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