Design Methods for Performance and Sustainability

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John Wiley & Sons, 10‏/10‏/2001 - 776 من الصفحات

New solutions to sustainability challenges

Design Methods for Performance and Sustainability is a collection of papers presented at the 13th International Conference on Engineering Design in Glasgow, Scotland. One of four volumes, this book highlights the latest advances in design methodologies focused on sustainability of process and product. As sustainability becomes an increasingly central part of every project, the insights provides here will help engineers and design professionals address current challenges without sacrificing quality or longevity. Founded in 1981 by Workshop Design-Konstruktion, this conference has grown to become one of the field's major exchanges; these papers represent the work of leading design teams from across the globe.

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Preface χν
The determination of function costs in engineering products
Assessing the impact of misaligned loads on beams using the method
Design assistance for fibrereinforced plastics 1
A design method developed for production machinery companies
Improving reliability during conceptual design
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S. Culley is the author of Design Methods for Performance and Sustainability, published by Wiley.

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