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the course of a few weeks afterwards for lefs than first cost. Vendues are very hurtful to trade; there they are held daily, Sundays and Saturdays excepted, at which the Jews, a numerous tricking tribe, are permitted to exercise their talents, and are often a little roguish in money matters."

On every fide, their pliant tongues

Roar out, "who bids;" the whole day long.
They ftretch and strain their brazen lungs,
With "going, going-there, its gone."

Thefe Chrift-killing dogs exert every base means to impofe upon Chriftians; even their children are trained to villainy, keep pedling stands in the ftreets from morning until night, and are keen, cunning little fharpers.

Ever fince the murdering of God Almighty, they are remarkably fond of gold and filver, and very expert at mixing bafe metals together, and polishing and gilding the fame; thefe forefkinclipped fcoundrels have clipped and fweated almoft all the coin, fo that every unmilled piece of gold is weighed and wrapped in paper, with the weight and value endorsed;-hear what Jeremiah fays of them:

"For every one, from the leaft even unto the "greateft, is given to covetoufnefs; from the prophet even unto the priest, every one dealeth " falfly."

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Be always cautious how you purchase gold or filver ware from them, leaft they impofe that which was ftolen, or bafe metal upon you; and take care how you deal in their stores, for they delight in extortion; and beware of impofitions at vendues, for one or more of them commonly attend to forestall at public fales; let your eyes, not their tongues, direct your judgment. There are feveral Jews all over the island, many rich merchants and planters; the whole tribe affift each other with money or credit; fo that in a very few years the poorest wandering Jerufalemite will accumulate wealth; they all live miferably mean upon planting, and some trash of damaged herrings, and other faltfish, until they get independent in the world.

Although Jews are not permitted to reprenfent in affembly, nor to hold any public offices under government, yet they are fuffered to give evidence among Chriftians, which I think is a dangerous fyftem, as it is well known they pay no regard to the Chriftian faith. I was credibly informed that the legislature, not twenty years ago, were about enacting a law to allow them no further privileges than mungrels; and it is to be lamented that it was not carried into execution, for they are a vile race. When a dishonest perfon is involved in a law-fuit likely to go against him for want of a material evidence, he may for a fmall premium get a Jew to attend the courts, whe

who being properly inftructed, will swear to, and prove affertions which he is totally ignorant of, to effect the acquital of the culprit in conformity with his engagement, so that he may thereby the better with certainty ingrofs the prize.

Jews are very remarkable; there is fomething curiously ill-looking in their tawny features; I once failed from Charlestown with a Jew pedlar, and several other paffengers; a copy of the Jews letter to his friend having fallen in my way, I tranflated it as follows:

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Dear Mofes, this chance is moft pleafing to me,
To fend the contents of my mind unto thee;
On board of the Neptune, a paffage I took,
With keen cunning notions of having good-look.
My flender adventure was prudently bought,
And fuch as wou'd answer this market, I thought:
For tobacco, chinkapins, falt, pork, and rice,
I expected to get an extravagant price:

And buoy'd myself up, that I wou'd not repent;
But to fell them, at least, at five hundred per cent.
The first of December, I think, was the day,
That I fet off from Charlestown for Cape Françoise,
In company with monfieurs Quaver and Quiver,
(Two men of fortune, most noble and clever);
Likewife Mr. Randum, a foolish young man,
Monfieur Jaw, a brave count, but meagre and wan;
Mrs. Abraham's, a lady who feem'd very fick,
And her hopeful fweet offspring, mafter Allick.

But O! thofe vile Chriftians henceforth I'll fhun; I was early, and late, the butt of their fun ;



My belt and my * girdle, and * leathern-horn,
They mock'd with derifion each even' and morn;
My hair they compared to that of a hog,

Or the wool of a goat, or the beard of a dog;
And faid that my mother, when pregnant of me,
Was fond of dry'd pork to a longing degree;
Which cruel afperfion they only suppose,
Because there's a mark of a pig on my nose;
I'm deem'd a Mulatto, a cheat, and a knave,
And threat'n'd to be fold for an African flave!
Now keen little Ifaac! David, or Saul;
Or, wife little Solomon, wifeft of all!..
Again, he's a pedlar! a Christ-killing Jew!
Nay, Random took pains to lible me too ;
Such barbarous redicule hurted me fore,
'Till we came to anchor, and I got a fhore.
But how fhall I alter the theme of my fong,
To paint the fad scene, how matters go on :
My heart it does jump, like a bird in a cage,
And flutters about thro' my breast in a rage;
My brain is confus'd, and my fenfes are loft,
To find all my schemes fo woefully croft.
How am I confounded! How hard is my fate!
My falt-pork, and ground-nuts, will hardly pay freight;
My chinkapins, dry-fish, and herrings, I fear,
Won't bring me firft-coft: O what brought me here!
All merchandize now is at such a low rate,

That, alafs! I can't think which way for to cheat;
However, my apples I fold very well,

Because I knew they were rotten as hell;

A Frenchman just bought them," a pig in a poke,"
At five dollars a barrel-isn't this a good joke?
And now I have rented a ftore from a Jew,
Who fwears he'll aflift me to cheat at vendue;

When he prayed, he ftripped his arin naked and girded it, and wore a leathern horn on his forehead.


Where, if I fucceed, I will fettle content,
'Till I mufter as much as I gambled and fpent;
If not, to Jamaica I fhortly will go ;

Where I'll meet a rich friend, Alexander Lindo.
My compliments to my sweet coufins and nieces;
I am yours and their fervant, David Courtieces.

Executors, adminiftrators, and attornies to eftates, often accumulate larger fortunes than the heirs or proprietors; their poor orphans are fadly cheated during their minority, their properties, involved, abused and reduced, or totally swallowed up by greedy guardians. Cruel fofterors! There the executor, or administrator, poffeffes himself at once of the European's property as his own; and, regardless of love, honor and gratitude, forgets every tie of friendship, and pays not the least attention to the last request of his nearest and deareft deceafed friend, on the execution of the important truft repofed in him; but, on the contrary, blesses the quack's poisonous pills and draughts, which hurried him away, and rejoices more at his own fortunate state than if he was made the heir: He feldom makes remittances; and when from importunities, or other circumftances, he is obliged to make any, they are but trifling, and are commonly accompanied with fpecious and easy framed apologies, to fcreen his villainy; fuch as drought, hurricanes, bad debts, death of flaves and cattle, &c. &c.

I have known many executors and adminiftrators, many attornies and guardians, (feeming

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